The beginning of the repair. Preparatory stage and electrics

Good afternoon. Continue to write about the progress of our repair.
Started in February 2019 with preparatory work.
Bought and installed the toilet at the time of repair, had a makeshift light in the bathroom and in the room.
Then things stalled, so did not understand the stages of the work forward, a plumber or electrician.
If an electrician, then you need elaborate mounting tabs of the electrical outlets and switches.
Decided to start with the electrics. The first thing walked around with a tape measure all the rooms. Drew a plan with dimensions.



previously the location of outlets

pre-location of the lamps

Made a plan of the location of wiring accessories with bindings on the walls and the height and agreed it between themselves. On the walls marked out all the electrics.
From mid-February to mid-March shtroblenie under electrician (roughly per room, for 2 days). Put a couple of pictures

Until the end of April we plan to do the wiring and electricians. Flap to a new place is not yet completely mounted. We plan to first finish the walls. and then finally mount the flap
On works performed.
1. You need to make the normal plans and wall elevations with all the dimensions of the indent (in the future)
2. In the hallway decided to retire from General lighting. to make wall sconces. The height of the sconces in the corridor changed, so the plan then will be adjusted after the fact, no time yet
3. In the rooms left only overall lighting are floor lamps, which are included in socket (wire does not bother me)
4. The kitchen will be light in the kitchen ceiling on the edge of the kitchen (I hope it is clear what I wanted to say)and General lighting.
5. On the balcony there is a lamp and a switch and socket.
6. Husband during shtrobleniya’ve tweaked the plans will change. when you have the time.
Estimates for work and materials put in a separate blog, maybe someone will need the approximate cost of repairs, and I wonder what will come

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