The ceiling in the bathroom finishes in material, design, color, design, lighting

The ceiling in the bathroom in the first place should be for that room with a special mode of operation. Finishing materials differ, not only aesthetics, but also practicality, will create a comfortable microclimate and a relaxed atmosphere.

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  • Recommendations on the choice of the ceiling in the bathroom
  • The options of finishing the ceiling
  • Variety of ceiling constructions
  • The texture of the ceiling
  • Colors
  • Design ideas and drawings on the ceiling surface
  • Bathroom lighting
  • Creative solutions for bathrooms
  • Ideas the ceiling design in various styles
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    Recommendations on the choice of the ceiling in the bathroom

    Nuances for decorating a bathroom:

    • As this room forms condensation on the ceiling can get a spray of water, so it is better to choose materials that meet the basic requirements of the bathroom.
    • For a small bathroom perfect ceiling models with a glossy reflective surface, which will allow you to visually increase the size of the space.
    • For bathrooms with low ceilings in the apartment, like the apartment, it is undesirable to choose too large, even more conceal the height of the structure. They are most appropriate in a room with high ceilings.

    The options of finishing the ceiling

    The most popular types of ceiling finishes for a bathroom.

    Suspended ceiling

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    Photo of stretch ceilings in the bathroom

    Stretch fabric, thanks to its wide range of colors, can be a wonderful decoration of any interior. They not only create a unique design, but are also quite practical.

    Suspended ceiling

    These models, depending on the complexity of design can look very simple or have a more elaborate and eye-catching look. A suspended ceiling is easy installation and simple maintenance, it aligns perfectly with a ceiling surface and hides all communications.

    • Of the drywall.
    • Rack.
    • Lattice (Grilyato).
    • Cluster.

    Photo bathroom with suspended plasterboard design in beige tones.

    Prefabricated or modular rack cluster products are the generic version of the design, which is suitable for many style decisions.

    Ceiling panels

    Can have any configuration, size or color scheme. With them is easy to construct original and at the same time practical ceiling design.


    PVC panels have excellent moisture-resistant qualities and easy installation. This finish always looks interesting and aesthetically pleasing.


    Articles made of aluminium with inserts in chrome or gold look modern and stylish, and have a high technological properties. They are moisture resistant, no corrosion and aging.


    Very durable and abrasion resistant. However, the metal panels due to condensate more susceptible to contamination, so the bathroom should be furnished with good ventilation.


    Has an impressive and luxurious appearance, but it is quite a high price. Mirror designs for a long time retain their properties, even in a room with high humidity levels. In addition, they allow you to visually change the proportions of the room and to make it much taller and more spacious.


    Wooden boards, MDF panels, laminate or different wood boards, would be appropriate in the bathroom with a good hood. Wood look special luxurious, but require special treatment water proofing means.

    In the photo the attic bathroom with the ceiling panelling.


    A very effective variant of ceiling design. Transparent or translucent glass products are resistant to temperature extremes, not afraid of moisture and are quite easy to wash when cleaning. Glass is an environmentally friendly material that is not susceptible to mold and mildew.


    Plexiglass has a lightness and impact resistance. Acrylic designs due to the high light transmission, creating a beautiful scattering effect, which visually enhances the space.


    This trim panel has a long operating time, safety, resistance to moisture and wide variety.

    Ceramic tile

    Granite or tile is resistant to chemicals that do not accumulate the dirt and water drops. Ceramic tile is the most popular finishing material for the bathroom, which is able to preserve its good looks and not to lose its appeal.


    The cheapest and easiest option. For the decoration of this room should only be applied water-resistant paint to further the ceiling appeared stains and streaks.

    Decorative plaster

    Venetian decorative plaster antique, is of particular aesthetics. It can simulate different surfaces to be decorated with stucco or painted, and thus create a ceiling plane additional visual effects. Such a seamless finish virtually impervious to cracking and resistant to temperature changes.

    Photo bathroom and multi-level ceiling design, decorated with Venetian plaster.

    Variety of ceiling constructions

    Three main types of ceilings with different number of levels:

    • Sibling.
    • Duplex.
    • Multilevel.

    They have a lot of variations of the design, which you can use to design original compositions with unusual shapes. The different levels visually adjust the space and create a distinctive interior.

    The texture of the ceiling

    Depending on the type of ceiling surface, bathroom design is becoming more thoughtful.


    This texture looks very high quality and elegant. Matte surface resembles a normal painted and perfectly aligned the ceiling plane.


    The gloss is quite popular in decorating the bathroom. It has fascinating appearance, beautifully reflects light and visually enlarges the area and the height of the room.


    You’ll be muted and reflections, but due to special surface microrelief, this texture resembles a real sateen fabric.

    Photo bathroom in bright colors with a satin stretch ceiling in white.


    Interesting colours for the decoration of the ceiling in the bathroom.


    This expressive dark color creates an extraordinary, luxurious and extravagant design. Black fills the atmosphere of mystery and gives the interior a more representative view.

    Photo black glossy stretch ceiling in the interior of a modern bathroom.


    Bold red color makes the room brighter, clearer and more noticeable.


    It is associated with purity and freshness. White ceiling design will give the bathroom airiness and extra space.


    Adds to the atmosphere of sensuality and creates a pleasant atmosphere, filling it with lightness and marine freshness.


    Elegant grey color has many elegant complex undertones, which turns out to create discreet, yet very stylish design.

    Photo interior bathroom with grey gloss ceiling, decorated with light bulbs.


    Celadon is truly magical, it creates an attractive and inviting interior and fills the space with tranquility.


    Deep blue shades look especially noble and refined and immersed in a dreamy mood.


    Creates a comfortable environment and fills it with natural energy. A variety of green hues enliven a room and forced to tune in a new way.

    Photo bathroom with sloping ceiling, painted in green color.


    Cheerful and emotional orange gives the interior bright colors and charges the atmosphere with positive energy.


    Classic beige with proper combination with other colors makes the atmosphere in the room is incredibly cozy and comfortable.


    A silky chocolate brown shade has a special natural softness and creates a charming and inspiring atmosphere.


    Purple or violet bring the atmosphere of refinement, tenderness and give the atmosphere a certain mystique.


    This design looks luxury, expensive and simply unique. Golden shimmering glitter no doubt attracts attention and fascinates with its appearance.

    Design ideas and drawings on the ceiling surface

    Examples of unusual decor, used for ceiling decoration.


    This effect of the ceiling is created when you use the led strip, which is located on the perimeter of the structure. Design solution in the form of a floating ceiling plane with led backlight allows you to visually increase the room size and to smooth out the rough edges.


    Creates diffuse, soft, but sufficiently bright and high quality lighting that neither is inferior to the light of day.


    With mosaic, you can not just place a ceiling surface, to form different thematic images or patterns. The decor always looks very aesthetically pleasing and creative.

    With photo printing

    Products with bright and clear 3D photo prints in the form of sky, sea, natural landscapes or abstractions, are a real art object and relevant addition to any interior.

    Curly ceilings

    Attractive flexible configuration in the form of circles, squares, rectangles, or various curvilinear shapes, change the appearance of the entire space and provide the opportunity to create one of a kind unique design.

    The photo notched ceiling design in the form of a circle located over the bath.


    Has more expressive form, through which the room takes on a special brightness and individuality. With two-tone black-and-white, red-white, beige-brown patterns or designs with a combination of yellow and blue, purple and black or other color duos, you can add the right accents in the room.

    With stickers

    Decorative stickers are a simple and easy way to decorate. This design looks very creative.

    With beams

    Construction with beams bring to life the variety of unique design ideas. They attach to the ceiling for more volume and bring the atmosphere of special charm, domesticity, warmth and comfort.

    Bathroom lighting

    Huge opportunity ceiling lights allow you to create in the room any interior effect. Lamps, chandeliers, lamps, overhead ceiling or other various types of built-in illumination, perfectly accentuate the features of the bathroom, zoned space and form therein a certain atmosphere.

    • Chandelier.
    • Backlight.
    • The plafond.
    • Spots.
    • Spotlights.

    Photo white gypsum ceiling design with lighting in the bathroom interior.

    With the help of various original lighting elements, it is unusual to beat any space and create a soft and intimate or bright lighting.

    Creative solutions for bathrooms

    Ceiling design for non-standard interior solutions.

    Combined bathroom and toilet

    With configurations on the ceiling can be a visual zoning of the space and divide it into different function areas, for example, using color or texture, to highlight the area above the bath or shower.

    Visually share a bathroom, combined with WC is obtained by the use of color, lighting or architectural method.

    Attic room with sloping ceilings

    The decor beveled surface apply various finishing materials, such as plaster, Wallpaper, paint, drywall or stretched canvas. Often use wood paneling.

    In a wooden house

    Natural wooden materials resistant to moisture breeds will fit perfectly into an environmentally friendly interior design. Also used for decorative mosaic design from glass, plastic, metal, or ceramic tile.

    Ideas the ceiling design in various styles

    Huge choice of finishes allows you to choose a design suitable for any style direction.

    • Loft.
    • Modern.
    • Neoclassic.
    • Scandinavian.
    • Eco-style.

    In the photo the wooden beam ceiling in the bathroom interior in the style loft.

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