The construction of a country house

A little over a year ago I got the idea of a country house for summer living with children.

And that’s what came out of it!

Construction began on 4 January 2018 with installation of pile-screw Foundation. Ordered in the firm, at a cost of 42000 R. the House was planned 6×9 m with a Bay window. Spun for 5 hours.

The nearest market bought the first batch of lumber and started tying the Foundation. Used timber 150×150, coped for 1 day. Butt did in “paw”, to the cap was fastened with wood 10h120.

The following stage – installation lag floor. Here took the Board 200×50 mm by 59 cm (under the insulation). Spent 2 days.

Distribute the rough floor, and the walls were made of boards 150х50 mm, with the same step 59 see the Wall going on the floor, and then rose.

The Bay window. He spent 3 days. The size of the Bay window 4×2 meters.

Here both the front and rear walls are ready. 9-meter wall was made of 2 by 4.5 meters, for ease of lifting. As it turned out, could easily lift a 9-foot wall entirely.

The view from my parents ‘ house. Ceiling height 1st floor-2.9 m!

All the walls were firmly connected by nails 120 mm and 120 mm. wood Mounted rail to all walls. After 3 days made floor decks from planks of 200×50 mm with step 59 see

Moved the rough floor from the first floor to the second floor, made a “crane” for lifting the boards (manually not to throw up). For crane welded “hang” on hinges and bought a hoist with a lifting capacity of 500 kg. In the photo rise the walls of the 2nd floor.

Both walls are ready! In the photo you can see the manual lift walls, called it “the Giraffe”, is driven with a normal winch for 1500 R. Front the complex!

Was snowy weekend and work was difficult. Drew on ordinary graph paper the project of the wall of the second floor. The size of the wall 9×5 meters. Total weight more than a ton. And just the two of us!

The wall was assembled over 2 days. At its end he built another giraffe. Hooked the safety cable to rule out a rollover on the wire. Calculated center of gravity began to raise. Raised 2 hours.

Length of winches giraffes not allowed to raise a wall in a vertical position, dokrutili to 60 degrees. But were ready, hooked the top of the wall with a rope to the birch and hold the lever hoist.

With the second wall turned out quickly! On making the ascent spent the weekend.

Quickly, it began to thaw, began to melt the snow, work has become more fun! As ridge beams used to build the Board 200×50 mm, six-meter timber 200×150 two people to lift was impossible. I have a fear of heights, so I worked with insurance!

Made the interior walls of the second floor. Ridge height of almost 10 meters. The first floor is sheathed OSB 11 mm. Though there are jib, but the frame wobbles without OSP.

Truss legs with a length of 590 cm, roof slope of 30 degrees. Board 200×50 mm, with a step 59 see For reliability made in the center of the rafters support timber 200 x 100 mm.

Hallstromi. Here’s what to do is extremely inconvenient! Board weight 50-60 kg, flight 60 cm

Power frame home is ready!!!

Did the forest and started the installation will protect you also film kontrobreshetki and sheathing. For the last used block 50×50 Board and 100х25 respectively.

Sheets of metal were booked solid almost 6 m. Thickness 0.5 mm, cling with clamps and drawn upward along the rails from the bar.

800 screwed roofing screws, uttered a few dozen swear words, but we did it!! The installation of the roof is finished, now I definitely will not fall))

Put Windows on the first floor took used.. Custom had to be ordered. Cost 60 000 p

The roof of the Bay window I decided to make also of metal. Mark and attach the torment. But down only 1 sheet!

Well, here it is the house, exactly a year later. At this moment slowly doing the insulation and interior trim.

A small conclusion.

At the moment, the budget homes of about 850 000 R 50 000 – tool. 70000 electrical connection. The price also includes insulation and decoration of the Bay window, hallway, bathrooms and kitchen of 1st floor, floor insulation 200 mm floor from floorboards 36mm category C.

On the second floor plan 3 bedrooms of 8 m2, toilet, dressing room, lounge 17 m2 with Billiards. The ceiling in 2 bedrooms and the hall is not planned, doing under the roof. Height 490 cm, just under my height)

For this project I undertook with enthusiasm, worked only on the weekends. The frame under the roof, with Windows and siding swaps done in about 45-50 working days.

Prior to that, the construction is not engaged, the toilet and kitchen do not count)

True father at the Institute was four on the strength of materials, that helped a lot.

The project I drew myself using the online calculator loads.

In fact, this project was as a hobby, grew into the work. Now assembled a team of three people. Scoring a job in the office I do what I am very interesting!

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