The design of the walls in the apartment: interior finish, decor ideas, color choices

The design of the walls in the apartment is the key point of the interior. Thanks to the wide range of finishing materials and various means of decorating, it turns out it easy to make any room in a variety of styles.

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  • Recommendations for design of walls in the apartment
  • Options for interior decorative walls
  • Modern ideas wall decor
  • The shape of the walls
  • Original ideas walls
  • How to choose the color of the walls?
  • Examples of wall decoration in the interior of the room
  • Features of wall decoration in various styles
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    Recommendations for design of walls in the apartment

    Making repairs especially need to consider the design of the walls, as the finish needs to be eco-friendly, different are less expensive and simple technology and to have characteristics corresponding to not only the interior but also the characteristics of the room.

    According to Feng Shui

    A few tips:

    • According to Feng Shui wall needs to be interesting, but the moderate design.
    • When choosing colors, consider how it will affect human psychology and the General harmony of the space.

    Photo kitchen interior design with walls made of wooden panels and brick walls white.

    On the side of light

    Tips on color choice:

    • Using warm colors can compensate for the lack of warmth and light in the rooms facing North side.
    • Thanks to the cold colors, it turns out to bring freshness in well lit and heated sun room with southern exposure.

    Options for interior decorative walls

    Popular varieties of wall decoration.


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    Wallpaper for walls

    Fairly common finishing material, which is characterized by a wide variety of types, textures, photo prints, colour and a wide pricing policy.


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    Painting the walls in the interior

    High-quality, resistant, durable and has a high decorative qualities of paint, provide an excellent opportunity to create a truly amazing interior of any style direction.


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    Pictures of walls with laminate flooring

    Has countless shades and textures that allows you to choose the perfect design for any room. Laminate flooring adds to the atmosphere of extra comfort, warmth and yet a touch of elegance and style.


    With bricks you can create a contrasting accent that attracts attention. Rough texture, due to its natural looks is always very advantageous.


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    Modern wall panels

    Have an infinite number of options and offers greater practicality and high aesthetics, which makes them very popular finishing material.

    Decorative plaster

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    Photos of decorative plaster in the interior

    Can be a self-sufficient kind of finishing or equally well be combined with other materials. Decorative plaster is able to significantly transform the room and give it pizzazz and cost.


    Among other types of finishes, tile occupies a leading position, because with its help you can easily create elegant accents in the room and create relaxing and bright design.


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    Cork Wallpaper

    Natural, unique and not having analogues to the artificial tube, undoubtedly becomes the most expressive detail of the interior.

    Wood trim

    Siding, weathered boards, block-house or panels of valuable breeds of wood, are a great option, providing the opportunity to experiment with design.

    Decorative stone

    Decoration using decorative stone is the best option for the decoration of walls, which always looks very impressive and adds a certain atmosphere of naturalness.

    Under the concrete

    Public, durable and environmentally friendly material with many positive characteristics. Concrete surface, complemented with bright and stylish accessories, allows to obtain very interesting and inspiring results.

    Modern ideas wall decor

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    Photo wall decor

    Wall decoration is a very exciting process. Due to different decor in the form of paintings, mirrors, photographs, frescoes, murals, drawings, mouldings, tapestries, unusual bookshelf, a planter with potted flowers, TV, or other elements, turns out to deprive the situation of anonymity, making the interior much more comfortable.

    The shape of the walls

    Options unusual shapes.


    This oblique plane can be particularly advantageous to emphasize with different finishes. Intelligently crafted design will transform the space into a cozy and comfortable home.

    Photo design beveled walls in the interior of a bedroom located in the attic.

    Arched doorway

    Is a common interior solution and a win-win design variant, it is advantageous accentuate the style of the entire room and visibly refining its design.

    A niche in the wall

    Represents not only a hole in the wall, well sonorous space in a Studio apartment or Studio, but is considered to be a full decorative element, forming the desired accents in the room. Quite often, the niche is decorated with mirrored surfaces, mosaic, mural, decorative stone, brick, wood finish or other bright colors.


    Beautifully decorated and most reliable angle, will allow to emphasize the style of the interior and provide the correct interior decoration.

    Original ideas walls

    Painted in different colors or lined half walls create an interesting effect in the room and give the interior of modernity and creativity.

    How to choose the color of the walls?

    Well-chosen color scheme will create a perfect visual climate. The right combination will be correct and repair the defects of the room and add comfort to him, for example, the combination of walls with floor and ceiling can visually change the overall perception of the room.


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    White walls in the interior

    Is truly a Royal color with unique properties. Wall white color perfectly combined with different decor, is beneficial to complement the overall interior style and create the necessary accents in the room.



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    Photo gray walls in the interior

    Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant gray can represent, as an independent color, and it is the perfect backdrop for bright accents.


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    Beige Wallpaper

    Is the embodiment of aristocracy. Beige finish allows you to keep the room a delicate heat balance.

    Photo interior of a bedroom in the Baroque style with the design of the walls, executed in beige.


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    Photo of black Wallpaper

    Rich dark color creates catchy interior accents and forces you to tune up the design space a completely new way.


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    Design with blue Wallpaper

    Casual and a little cool blue undertones that enchant with their lightness and give the atmosphere a certain airiness.

    Photo living room interior design with walls in a patterned Wallpaper blue.


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    Photo Wallpaper yellow

    Able to liven up and add brightness even in the dark design, filling it with warmth, light and cheerfulness.


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    Pink Wallpaper in the interior

    The design of the walls always looks very attractive and gives the space a special tenderness, dreaminess and romanticism.

    The photo design of the walls a light pink color in the interior bedroom in modern style.


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    Red Wallpaper

    A truly elegant and stylish red shades are decorating a win-win solution, creating a bright and sustainable contrasts.


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    Photo blue Wallpaper

    Noble blue tones provide a wonderful opportunity for the formation of multifaceted and unusual design.


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    Lilac Wallpaper

    It is believed in the truth of a mysterious and enchanting color that fills the atmosphere of a certain mysticism.

    Photo interior of modern bathroom with wall designs in the form of mosaic tiles lilac color.


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    Photo Wallpaper purple

    Unique, controversial and very attractive purple hues give the design of the room for a moment, and provide a pleasant color therapy.


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    Brown Wallpaper

    Due to its natural, neutral and creates a soothing atmosphere, but at the expense of conservatism, is ideal for connoisseurs of beautiful design.

    Photo design wall surfaces, lined with wood brown color in the interior bedroom.


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    Wallpaper orange

    Warm orange color is a very bold design decision, filling the space excellent Sunny mood, positive energy and vigor.


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    Photos turquoise Wallpaper

    Turquoise will bring to the environment of refreshing notes of sea breeze, the interior will add discreet luxury and will create a truly unique design.

    Examples of wall decoration in the interior of the room

    Of design options for the wall surfaces in the different rooms.

    Living room

    See also

    The design of the walls in the living room

    The design of the walls in the living room can represent a variety of solutions that are easy to implement, both independently and with the help of professionals.


    articles on the subject

    The types of walls in the kitchen

    The color of the walls in the kitchen

    Wall decor in the kitchen

    Wall trim in the kitchen needs to be not only beautiful but also functional and very practical, this will make the design as comfortable as possible.


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    The design of the walls in the bedroom

    Color, texture and contrast lining the walls is the basis on which to form a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom and ask her a certain mood.


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    The design of the walls in the nursery

    The walls in the nursery allow you to not only create the perfect backdrop for the furniture items and decorative elements in the room, but also provide an excellent opportunity to get creative and implement the most unusual ideas.

    Entrance hall and corridor


    The design of the walls in the hallway

    The paintings in the hallway

    Using a variety of finishing materials to create a unique design of the hallway and turn it into a stylish business card of the living space.

    Loggia and balcony

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    The materials for the walls of the balcony

    Thanks to the wall decoration, you can quickly and easily change the appearance of the loggia beyond recognition.

    Bathroom and toilet

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    Photos of the walls in the bathroom

    Lining materials for bathrooms should be the special aesthetics and practicality. The decor is mainly used tile, mosaic, washable and water-resistant types of Wallpaper, laminate, MDF or plastic wall panels.


    In the study, the design of wall surface, should form a calm emotional background in the room. Wood trim, decorative plaster, natural stone, tiles, imitation brick or other design combined with graphic, picturesque with paintings or photographs, will be non-standard and relatively unknown interior solution.

    The wall by the stairs

    Even such a small place, like a wall near the stairs, should have a harmonious and thoughtful design. The stairwell can be painted in bright colors that he hadn’t distracting from the overall composition, sheathing lumber, paneling, marble, tile or textile Wallpaper, as the surface would be appropriate to add molding, stucco or fresco.

    On a photo flight of stairs with the design of wall surfaces decorated with plaster and fresco.


    Especially popular in the decoration of the attic uses of wood, which considerably improves the microclimate in the attic of a country house or Villa, for example it may be molded, MDF, chipboard panels, laminate or veneer. Also, quite often sheathe the wall plane with a cloth or hang different types of Wallpaper.

    Dressing room

    Wooden and plastic panel, mirror surface, tube, Wallpaper, paint and other various finishes, provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with the design of the dressing room.

    Features of wall decoration in various styles

    Examples of decorating in a popular stylistic decisions.


    Exposed bricks, wooden boards, plywood sheets, fine-grained plaster, Wallpaper loft-style, concrete surfaces from graffiti, or just the walls painted Matt white or grey paint finish will allow you to recreate the atmosphere of the loft.

    The photo wall design in the form of brick and wood veneer in the interior bedroom in the loft.


    In order to bring the design to the French style, apply decorative textured plaster, natural wood, stone or brick veneer, mosaic, tiles or Wallpapers with floral patterns. Also to achieve the desired decorative effect by means of relief, rough, distressed and rough surfaces.


    Scandinavian style will be appropriate design of the wall plane in white, light grey, beige, light blue and other pastel colors, natural wood panels, Wallpapers or partial design Wallpaper.


    Luxurious, expensive, perfect and truly beautiful classic design, involves the decoration of quality and refined materials in bright, monochrome and soft colors. Wood trim, decorative plaster, Wallpaper with a large pattern or the surface of the walls, decorated with paintings, stucco and other fine decor make the interior even more solemnity.


    For functional, comfortable, spotless and woven of fashion trends of modern design, would be appropriate smooth surface, not distracting the attention, the walls are covered with Wallpaper, decorated plaster, paint and other synthetic or natural materials.

    Photo living room interior in modern style and design of the walls are decorated wood trim.


    Industrial and natural materials, wood, metal or glass surface, solid, Wallpaper, white painted walls, panels covered with decorative plaster with a barely noticeable texture that will not attract too much attention and integrated into the minimalistic design.

    Photo gallery

    The design of the walls in the apartment can pose the most exclusive, unusual and creative interior design solutions which are an expression of taste and individuality.


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