The kitchen and dining room in the apartment. The combination of materials.

Hello! I want to share with You the interior of the kitchen and dining room. Solutions will be useful for those who are afraid to use color in the interior and prefers the more concise and neutral colors in the interior, love the use of beautiful textures of wood and tactile materials. The interior I designed for a couple 3 years ago and it supercedes to this day. Because of the important role played by ergonomics all objects in the space. The materials and combination of selected close to the nature: for example, the table top has a distinct topography on the surface, this is a really nice touch, and the glass legs make the solid surface more lightweight. The combination of two primary colors on the facade of the kitchen – lacquered kitchen fronts and veneer Zebrano lacquered, it looks minimalistic, and by the fact that the tabletop and apron are United by one material white artificial stone. Floor tiles selected from the most inexpensive budget range size 30×30 see the Customer actively participated in the work, really wanted to have a homelike interior for a “glossy cover”, and for life, so focused on convenience items and comfort. However, the customer really wanted, the interior was decorated in bright colors.

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