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If shopping for you is the best holiday and even lifestyle, you need the perfect dressing room. We picked 7 decisions of Italian designers, which will help nicely to break it down.

Luxury functionality FRANCO BIANCHINI


There is a traditional shelves and compartments for hangers, Shoe section. The highlight of the composition – the Central island are drawers for accessories, and showcase for jewellery and a dressing table. The chair has a compartment for little things that should always be at hand. Dressing room made from solid wood, for the decoration used natural and artificial leather, has a built-in backlight.

Dressing room FRANCO BIANCHINI from the collections of the store, “Arredo”

Respectable classic ARCA


Solution for small closets. Sections a lot, but due to the symmetry of the composition is room does not seem cluttered. Every inch is used for the intended purpose, to optimize the space used modern solutions parts and accessories: spiral hangers in the corners, pull-on – pants. It also has a mirror – it is “hiding” in one of the corner sections. But behind the nondescript doors you can place a box for jewelry. Note the transparent parts of the facades of the boxes to find things is very simple.

Brilliant luxury art Deco CHIARA PROVASI


This dressing room was created for those who can not, how can you pass up a Shoe boutique. Here nothing distracts attention from the main pride of the mistress of the room, and many mirror seemed to increase her collection. And they can perfectly see every detail of the image, so it just can’t be not perfect. By the way, the designers deliberately left the Central space free, after all, to assess a new pair, need to see how it looks gait.

Colonial motifs BELLONI


Made from African Zebrano wood with distinctive stripes dressing room from the collection COCTO similar to the situation of colonial houses, moved into the modern apartment. It left an imprint on the shapes and lines of furniture they are simple and strictly geometric. The result is a space that reduces the impact of urbanization. And although everything here is geared to quickly pick up the necessary things carried out in the room minutes (or hours) allows also to relax from the bustling metropolis. Manufacturer offers 9 options of finish, including in the Oriental style, so that the “home” dressing room you can choose for yourself.

Straightforward neo-classical LCI STILE


As required by neoclassical Economics, in this dressing room there is nothing superfluous, but there is a lot of air and sharp lines. The designers have waived the sections with doors, but provided many drawers for small things on the shelves they will break the geometry of space. If you use hat boxes, choose a rectangular model, in order not to violate the integrity of the style.

Ordered space EMMEBI


At first glance, this resembles the dressing room boutique. Against the background of solid fabric (actually it’s doors, but even the leather handles on them are made so as not to attract attention) is well highlighted in a separate section with lights, and Central display of glass made not only the top but also the sides. So the clothes and accessories immediately attract attention. However, only those that you want to show. Everything else securely hidden. Choose this option if there is a lot of things, but you do not have to see all of them at once, to compose a perfect image.

Minimalism from FALMA ITALIA


The desire for absolute order, which has become the meaning of life. This solution is an ideal choice for those who can’t resist the temptation to buy something from the new collection, but gets tired of the presence in the interior of the mass of details. All the sections are hidden behind sliding doors, some of which are mirrored. The photo shows the location of mirrors – facing each other. If you have ever tried to consider as you look back, you will certainly rate it. Behind the doors – a traditional set of shelves, hangers and drawers.


All the options – just one example of the composition. The furniture is made to order, so the configuration is matched to the dimensions of your room. All manufacturers also give the opportunity to choose the flooring at his own taste.

The material is based on review of the closets company “Arredo”

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