Turtles homemaker

Good day, friends!
Last summer I had the opportunity to write in gift and interior with a picture of a Turtle. I know that the future mistress of a cloth reveres this animal as a powerful protective symbol.
Here, by the way, the same reptile, which even before its inception has come home)):

I later learned that this animal symbolizes health, longevity, wisdom and patience.
It turns out that the image of Turtle is considered a very powerful talisman that protects the house of its owner, preserving wealth, prosperity and harmony.
Then in my interior, too, found a place for Turtles! The paintings, the favorite niece and presented to this house for a housewarming party:

And not so long ago, the world saw another Turtle! It was created in my author’s technique without the use of brushes or palette knife. All the warmth of my hands to the canvas! Its size is 130 x 90 cm
And she’s already looking for host))

What are the symbols and amulets living in your house, keeping in their well-being?

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