Unusual solutions for saving space

Small apartment many of us call home. We will tell you how not to make a tiny space in the warehouse, as not to disturb the beauty by placing all the necessary things correctly. We will prove that saving space in the room — it’s real, it’s a miracle that can happen to anyone.

Space saving

  • The idea for the bedroom! Hinged extra shelf will not only serve as an excellent repository of things and make the room cozier.

  • Folding table mounted on the wall, useful in different situations. When folded, it turns into a narrow but functional shelf!

  • Unusual pull-out bed! Already dreaming of such.

  • Removable hanging table for balcony picnic. Wow!

  • Use maximum free space! Pull-out shelf is only a narrow gap between the wall and the refrigerator, but she helps in the household… This is the secret storage room!

  • The functional divider of a large room into two smaller ones! This is brilliant…

  • Hidden kitchen Board with additional drawers and shelves! I suspect that this is very convenient.

  • Bed on the hill — so romantic! In addition, the free space can be used as he pleases…

  • Miniature shelf, well hidden in the interior!

  • Furniture for saving space can be a little weird. For example, here is the bed attached to the cables that can be useless to send up at the ceiling. Great!

  • Bunk beds and even entire rooms — a long way to change the space, and still effective.

  • Floor secret! Storage boxes: find it here. But you can dance!

  • Folding table on wheels for Lunches and dinners! Made of comfortable material, it’s perfect…

  • A compact closet can become part of the interior!

  • Under the kitchen table hiding the washing machine or dishwasher! Tricky.

  • Illusion?

  • Bed combined with a table.

  • Built-in wall of drawers! Great.

  • Folding table with benches for the terrace!

  • Hanging boxes for storage!

  • Here’s how to use the space under the stairs! I would set up another small room with colorful lighting.

  • Another bright idea for a wardrobe! Beauty, I conquered.

  • Folding table fit all!


    To dream about a perfectly organized house is so nice, but even better is to create a comfortable space with your own hands.

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