Venetian plaster: pictures, types, pros and cons, application area, design, colours

Venetian plaster has an unsurpassed beautiful appearance, through which the interior of the apartment or country house, filled with special refinement and solemnity. This decorative coating has an unusual overflow and different, not only aesthetics, but also strength and resistance.

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  • What is Venetian plaster?
  • The pros and cons of finishing
  • The types of Venetian
  • Decorative coatings
  • The application of Venetian plaster
  • Photos plaster the interior of the room
  • Design options in various styles
  • Examples of design and drawings
  • What color is the Venetian?
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    What is Venetian plaster?

    Venetian plaster is a seamless interior finish that looks like marble. It may have a glossy or semi-gloss finish, smooth or embossed surface, or may be an analogue of various rocks, such as amber or malachite.

    The photo shows how it looks Venetian decorative plaster on the wall in the interior.

    The pros and cons of finishing

    Advantages and disadvantages of this decorative finish.


    Venetian flooring is quite durable and can last more than 15 years.

    Fairly high cost.

    The Venetian is safe, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, because in its composition contains only natural components.
    Complex, laborious and time-consuming finishing is time-consuming.

    It has a very aesthetic appearance and in the room creates a stunning visual effects.

    The types of Venetian

    There are several varieties of Venetian, distinguished in appearance, composition and method of application.


    Has effect old and has intricate patterns with cracks. This decorating technique is obtained due to the special krakelyurnogo varnish, which dries tightens the plaster layer and forms kinks.

    Carrara marble

    To achieve the imitation of Carrara marble, is used to apply several plaster layers, differing by a half-tone. The result is a fairly expensive finish, which plays diverse tints.

    In the photo the walls are decorated with Venetian plaster with the effect of Carrara marble.


    Is a semimatte surface with the effect of polished marble. This version of the design will certainly give the room the nobility and aristocracy.

    The Marseilles wax

    This unusual visual effect is obtained by adding a wax, which not only transforms the appearance of the coating and adds to it additional chic, but also improves its technical characteristics, for example, this trim can be used in rooms with hanging humidity.


    Layers of different colors, such a surface has a shimmering and a special play of light. By using a polymer compound and a specific application technique, imitation, reminiscent of the rock travertine.

    Photo Venetian plaster Trevignano on the wall in the dining room.


    This texture looks very elegant and expensive, it looks similar to velvet with streaks of gloss. Also, Marbella can change the hue depending on lighting angle.


    A dark Matt surface that resembles granite. With the finishing wax coating is even more to enhance the effect.

    Decorative coatings

    Main types of Venetian coverings.

    Natural (classic)

    This kind is applied by conventional multilayer method. The structure of a classic Venetian plaster contains marble dust, binder components and various additives, which provide good structural quality.

    Photo modern living room with classic plaster of grey color on the wall.

    Imitation or what to replace

    Options imitation stucco.


    see also

    Wallpaper Venetian plaster

    Perfectly imitate Venetian and allow without any extra costs and complex application, to obtain equally attractive results.

    Stretch fabric (for ceiling)

    Stretch the product with this simulation are a special beauty and sophistication, however they are rather unusual and yet not too extended interior solution.


    Lightweight panels are easy installation, perfectly conceal irregularities of the plane and apparently not concede to the original.

    Photo wall panels simulated stucco surface.


    Goes well with a variety of materials, resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes. The tile perfectly imitates natural rocks, such as pink or amber onyx, granite grey or deep green malachite.

    The application of Venetian plaster

    Venetian finish has an unlimited number of ways to use, it looks equally well on walls, ceilings or other interior elements such as fireplace, columns, or different niches.

    • On the wall. A more preferred form of decoration which is absolutely safe for health. With a wide range of decorative execution, you can choose the most suitable option for any style direction.
    • On the ceiling. With the help of the Venetians, it is possible to give the ceiling an unusual texture or topography, which do not get to achieve using other materials.

    Photo bathroom with bright walls, Venetian plaster.

    Photos plaster the interior of the room

    Of photos using Venetian in a variety of interiors.


    Decorative Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly and non-toxic and is therefore an almost universal option for the bedroom. Thanks to the wide color palette, this design will give the room lightness, individuality and chic.

    Children’s room

    Safe and harmless the Venetian will help arrange the nursery in bright and rich colors and quiet and delicate colors. Plaster mix is considered to be self-sufficient decorative element that significantly transforms the room and makes it much more effective.

    Living room or hall

    With the help of this unique wall decoration with a particular structural character can obtain a variety of effects on the ceiling or walls. For the living room fit the classic plaster, silk, velvet, surface under the concrete or travertine.

    In the kitchen

    Plaster mix with a special finish that allows to create a luxurious design, even for the kitchen or dining room. This coating is very easy to care for and not prone to mold and mildew.

    Entrance hall and corridor

    The Venetian will be a great decoration of the corridor and due to the expressive modulations, glare or matte touches giving it a certain charm.


    There will be more appropriate as even as possible and smooth texture that will not accumulate the dirt and dust. The protective lacquer layer, the dry topping of wax or enamel, will help to keep care to a minimum.


    This durable and practical design will give the balcony space with incredible expressiveness and volume. Various options of color and natural design will create an unusual play of light in this room.


    The Venetian, not only gives the bathroom of artistry and refinement, but also withstand changes in temperature, humidity and permanently retains its decorative qualities.

    Design options in various styles

    Due to the huge range and many options of unusual and original design, this finish can be applied to all styles and directions.

    • Classic.
    • Art Deco.
    • Loft.
    • Hi-tech.

    In the photo the dark Venetian decorative plaster on the wall in the kitchen, in the style of hi-tech.

    Venetian plaster has visually appealing appearance and can decorate a variety of interiors, giving them a more beautiful, harmonious and finished appearance. For example, the classic style of this finish can be complemented with moldings, moldings or stucco.

    Photo classic bedroom and the walls, decorated with Venetian glossy coating.

    Examples of design and drawings

    Photo examples of the most interesting drawings and design.


    Fairly common decoration. The glossy surface is created using a finishing wax or a polishing layer. This texture is very pleasant to the touch and has an incredibly amazing Shine.

    Mother of pearl

    By adding to the plaster mix mother-of-pearl creates a sparkling effect with a faint shimmer and a slight glow of pearls. Such textured material allows you to create a truly exclusive and original interior.

    Color (two-tone and more)

    Different combinations of colors or color transitions in a gradient, will be a perfect fit for any styles and will be a bright and expressive touch to the entire room.


    Using this refined Golden decoration turns filling the atmosphere of luxury, wealth and greatness while not crossing aesthetic boundaries.

    Under the concrete

    Has an unusual appearance and has high performance. This unique slightly rough texture that do not have a pronounced relief, is obtained by adding small pebbles and sand.


    Wet silk has a rich texture with unique handwriting. This finish creates an incredibly beautiful visual effects, transforming the room into a real Palace apartments. Silky texture is obtained using fibers and shiny elements.


    This versatile decoration can have a different appearance, for example to create a simulation of river sand, sand wind or the dunes.

    World map

    Spread the outlines of the continents and Islands formed on the surface, appear exclusive and bring the situation in the spirit of travel.

    What color is the Venetian?

    The most popular colors.


    Allows you to enhance, to highlight and to accentuate other colors and decor in the interior. With the help of white, white-gray or ivory, you can create a perfect and fresh design.

    In the photo the wall are decorated with Venetian plaster white-a shade of gray.


    Bring the atmosphere of special elegance, sophistication and will create a relaxing and quiet interior.


    Elegant and unique gray shade is very practical. He will undoubtedly add to the room a kind of aristocracy.


    Creates a rich, bold and contrasting accents in the interior. Room with black color will look modern and noble, and will become more expressive and clear shape.


    Is associated with warmth, summer and fresh herbs. This color creates a comfortable environment and makes it interesting, unusual and very colorful.


    Has a special brightness and saturation. Turquoise color dramatically transforms the room and certainly becomes his main focus.


    Classic light beige tones in the interior look reserved, quiet and elegant. Thanks to their neutrality is impossible to create unobtrusive design and visually expand the space.


    Incredibly delicate and refined blue color creates emotional and soft atmosphere.

    In the photo children’s room and walls with Venetian pearl coated blue.


    Fills the room with mystery and moonlight shimmer. Silver colours, thanks to the alluring tints create a bold shiny accents in the room.

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