Wet bar in the living room: types, shapes, locations, colors, materials, design

Wet bar in the living room has an aesthetic and original appearance, due to what turns out to deviate from the standard design and to diversify the interior. In addition, this design not only gives an atmosphere of stylishness, but also forms a comfortable and functional design as apartments and country houses.

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  • Features of interior design living room
  • Forms and types of bar counters for the hall
  • Where to put the bar in the room?
  • The color palette bar counters
  • What material is used?
  • Design ideas living room in different styles
  • Examples of lighting bar
  • Bar counter design in apartment interior
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    Features of interior design living room

    The nuances of decorating this room:

    • For the hall, kitchen or dining room, the perfect solution is a split-level bar model, with low side directed to the kitchen area and in living room.
    • Design island type is more suitable for spacious rooms.
    • The compact bar will be an alternative to a large table in a small living room or Studio apartment.

    Forms and types of bar counters for the hall

    There are several varieties.


    Will be a great solution for larger areas. Classic straight countertops complement with the help of high chairs or chairs with footrests.


    Design angular type is well suited, not only to significant space savings, but also for its effective zoning. Most of these bars are a continuation of the kitchen units, making them a dividing element between the kitchen and living room.


    The bar’s surface with a semicircular shape, great for small living areas. These models make the atmosphere in the room more easy and relaxed and can offer a full home bar.

    In the photo the bar is semicircular in the interior of a small living room.


    Due to the mobility of the sliding structure it is possible to use it only if necessary and thus do not clutter the space.


    Has a truly luxurious and presentable appearance and contributes to a more convenient setting. However, these models are much more appropriate for large living rooms.


    Has a wall mount, which, folding top convertible, when folded, does not occupy useful space.

    With rounded edges

    Such curves give the design lightness and plasticity. Rounded model that not only blends harmoniously into the environment, but also softens the angularity of the interior.

    Photo modern interior of kitchen-living room with a gray bar with rounded edges.


    Characterized by the presence of two levels, one of which may be, for example, a dining table or work area, and the second to perform the role of the bar Desk.

    Mini bar

    Will be the best solution for the best distribution of the area and free up additional space in a small room in the apartment type building.

    In the photo a small room in bright colors, decorated with a small mini-bar.

    Where to put the bar in the room?

    The most commonly used options for the location.

    Behind the sofa

    This arrangement is particularly advantageous, if the design and appearance of the sofa, combined with bar design. Thus creating a more monolithic, harmonious and holistic design.

    In the photo the closed bar, located behind the couch in the living room.

    In the corner of the living room

    Compact bar area will allow you to keep the functionality of the room will not clutter the space and create discomfort during use. This successful arrangement forms a convenient layout and a pleasant atmosphere.


    A great solution for small living room with lots of furniture. The location of the window unloads room and provides free movement.

    Along the wall

    Stationary counter, placed along a wall, often has a small depth, due to what, it looks very compact and is the ideal option for a narrow room.

    In the center of the room

    Is quite a bold and interesting option to make the bar stand-Central interior design element that provides a functional and comfortable use of the countertop on all sides.

    Instead of partitions between the kitchen and living room

    Even if in the kitchen-living room is a large dining table, it can be supplemented with a compact bar that will also serve as a functional partition. It would be appropriate, island, modular, split level designs and models, closed or open type.

    Between the hall and a balcony

    Bar design instead of the balcony unit or in the window sill, is considered the very popular and functional interior design solution, providing an excellent space zoning.

    In the photo lounge and balcony space, separated by the bar.

    The color palette bar counters

    This design represents the main element of the living room, so you should be especially attentive to its color design. For example, using red, black model stands or wenge, you can give the situation a certain pomp, extravagance and glamour, and the use of beige, white or any neutral color, to form a calm, elegant and very harmonious design.

    The top effective combined with the overall color scheme of the interior or Vice versa to be bright and contrasting accent.

    What material is used?

    Used for the manufacture of a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    • Tree.
    • Glass.
    • Stone.
    • Fiberboard or MDF.

    In the photo the interior of the hall with an outdoor bar made of stone.

    If the design is quality made, it does not matter whether it is from natural or artificial materials.

    Design ideas living room in different styles

    Every style implies a certain characteristic colors, materials, decorative elements and accessories, so it is advisable to style the bar, the most consistent with the overall design.

    Modern style

    In a modern interior can be used to design almost every design and color. The main thing to take into account spatial features and was a logical continuation of the harmonious design.

    Photo spacious room in a modern style, decorated with small closed bar.


    For classical or neoclassical perfect solution would be a model in the form of Islands or wall countertops made of natural hardwood or stone, such as marble, granite or onyx. There will also be appropriate standard rectangular design having a concise package.


    The most simple geometric models without unnecessary decorative elements, should be a rectangular structure, which reveals its beauty in a combination with other interior elements.

    Photo rectangular bar located between the kitchen and living room in a minimalist style.


    Especially stylish urban design look of wood, concrete, stone countertops with all-metal or brick Foundation. This design will undoubtedly form a great tandem with the overall interior composition.


    For easy, natural and simple French style or rustic country, perfect natural wooden countertops, painted in pastel colors. Also very organically will look antique stands, for example with the effect of artificial aging.


    Retractable, folding, stationary, semicircular, square or rectangular models with discreet design, made from solid wood, will harmoniously join in a leisurely and unusual national Nordic style.

    Examples of lighting bar

    Most often, these designs make the top spotlights, pendant lamps or led tape. Various lighting allows, not only to highlight the bar area, but to create a dramatic interior accent.

    In the photo the bar is decorated with lighting in the form of hanging lamps in the hall in the style of hi-tech.

    Bar counter design in apartment interior

    Design with a fireplace will transform appearance living room, to give it a whole new meaning and expand design possibilities. Tabletop framed opening in the form of an arch or columns of plasterboard and other materials, really stands out from the overall design without disturbing the harmony. Sophisticated accessories, in the form of a Central, lateral shelves and suspension systems, ceiling-mounted, provide an opportunity to conveniently accommodate bottles, wine glasses or different utensils.

    Photo living room with Breakfast bar, equipped with side shelves and a hanging system for glasses.

    By creating such creative and spicy song in the living room, there is a desire to invite guests and make a fun cocktail party.

    Photo gallery

    Wet bar in the living room in combination with the appropriate surroundings and accessories that becomes really solid and impressive appearance. This design makes the atmosphere in the room more light and inviting to a casual pastime.


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