What pokleit Wallpaper bathroom

Want to freshen up the bathroom, change the scenery in it without undue cost, quickly and cheaply? Try using Wallpaper in the bathroom interior. This material is affordable and opens just the limitless expanse of the imagination. Surprised by such a strange offer and not sure it’s worth the price? Let’s look at all of his “pros” and “cons”.

The contents

  • Why choose Wallpaper

  • What pokleit Wallpaper a bathroom?

  • Fashion story making

  • The options for combining Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper design stylish bathroom

  • Conclusion

  • Photo gallery – the Wallpaper in the bathroom

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Why choose Wallpaper

Finish Wallpaper the bathroom is suitable to anyone who is willing to try his hand as a designer. This finishing material is relatively simple and cheap, so if you want you can change the interior of the premises at least every year.

Pasting room to really perform on their own, without the help of professionals, with a variety of colors and patterns will allow to realize the most daring ideas.

Wallpaper in bathroom interior

Nice Wallpaper for bathrooms of any size, it remains only to choose the right style and provide indoor quality ventilation.

What pokleit Wallpaper a bathroom?

“In stores, you can find vinyl Wallpaper for bathroom with the addition of silk, linen, cotton and other textile inserts”

The main aspect that will have to pay attention is the high moisture of the material. This suggests that paper products in the bathroom doing nothing. Have to choose from:

  • vinyl Wallpaper;
  • liquid Wallpaper;
  • fiberglass;
  • self-adhesive variants.

What are the advantages of each of these types?

Vinyl Wallpaper

They are distinguished by dense, well opposed to moisture the coating of vinyl polymer that retains its original form and not subject to deformation. On the shelves you can find vinyl Wallpaper for bathroom with the addition of silk, linen, cotton and other textile inlays, as well as types of foamed vinyl, the surface of which draws in the severity of the terrain. The basis of vinyl Wallpapers today is increasingly interlining.

Vinyl Wallpaper are attracted to the severity of the terrain

How moisture proof one or the other coil, can be recognized by a special mark on it. Locate the icon in the waveform and see how many of the depicted lines. Select for the bathroom are ones where there are three waves. They will fall perfectly on the wall and will last for years.


Always excellent and moisture resistant finish. Moreover, the walls will not damage or mold or fungus. For the surfaces will be easy to maintain. You can get paintable Wallpaper and then the next redecorating will be reduced to the usual repainting of the walls.

Fiberglass will not damage or mold or fungus

Liquid Wallpaper

They are distinguished by the method of application on the wall. In its original form is a dry pulp mixture, which is diluted as satengips, then putty mortar walls. Liquid Wallpaper is good in everything.

They give a uniform, seamless surface.

In working with them, no glue required.

Liquid Wallpaper hides wall defects

Under them completely hidden defects in the walls, if any. The finished surface is perfectly smooth.

The damaged section of the decor can always be replaced. How it will look in the room design combo Wallpaper, see photo.

This finish does not fade and is designed for a fairly long period of operation even in such an adverse climate that prevails in the bathroom.

Self adhesive Wallpaper

A great alternative to vinyl. Furthermore, such options to be the most budget, they initially have an adhesive impregnation. So it is necessary to remove the protective layer and pin stripes on the walls.

Self adhesive Wallpaper in bathroom interior


Usually, tiny bathroom they is a real godsend. With them in the room comes space, brightness and personality. They seemed to open the door to another dimension. Bathroom suitable natural scenery, images of mountain landscapes, ponds, waterfalls, etc.

The mural will give the interior personality

Fashion story making
Natural motifs

Versatile material for wallpapering in large and small bathrooms will be the Wallpaper black-and-white or color birch trees. To paste over with them walls may not be worth it, but to highlight an area basin is a very interesting technique.

  • The storm clouds. Also the solution for accent walls, which can be done, for example, for a bath. Particularly impressive composition will look framed panels of sulphur.
  • Jungle. Ideal for lovers of unconventional solutions. Bright and rich Wallpaper depicting lush vegetation look great in combination with white tiles. In addition to this finish is to take a rich brown furniture.
  • In the animal world. Wallpaper, Paradise birds, exotic fish perfect for bathrooms, designed in the spirit of Provence. The diversity of their colors needs to contain the pure white sanitary ware and present of furniture in the room.
  • Floral motifs look great in combination with white tiles

    But that’s not the only use of such materials. Take a look at the photo finish the bathroom Wallpaper of this type. Sometimes the animals depicted in them, more like something futuristic than the present, and this is a great opportunity to use Wallpaper to create fabulous bathroom atmosphere.

  • Newspaper print. The offer will appeal to those who prefer to read while taking a bath.
  • A striking newspaper print interior

    Visual correction

    If the walls of the bathroom, to put it mildly, uneven, and have pronounced defects, then the solid wall may not be considered. Your choice is a brightly printed materials that can mask the flaws. From the ripples in the eyes will save a plain ceiling, light and plumbing furnishings, towels without pictures.

    Want to expand the boundaries of the room, her paste over the Wallpaper in horizontal stripes, in 3d style, or use Wallpaper.

    Horizontal stripes will visually expand the boundaries of the room

    Reduce, compress the space and raise the ceiling ready Wallpapers with a vertical stripe.

    Break the stereotypes

    Bathroom has the right to be what you want, so forget that in small spaces you can’t hang Wallpaper with a large pattern and dark background. View photos of rooms with the combined Wallpaper and you will realize that it can also be incredibly beautiful.

    Wallpaper with a large figure for a small bathroom

    The play of colors

    “Bright Wallpaper in the bathroom can contrast with dark floor”

    Before buying Wallpaper, you have to decide what style will be made out a bathroom and what color the room is, in principle, preferable. Talking about color psychology?

    Blue. The range is full of all sorts of shades. Any of them, though turquoise, though the blue is equally good visually extend the wall, fill the space with a feeling of coolness and cleanliness. Starting the day in such a situation, you will certainly get a charge of vivacity.

    Blue tones create a feeling of coolness and cleanliness

    Pink. The shade is associated with romance, sensuality, tenderness. His love of a girl. On touching the pink Wallpaper can be unobtrusive and subtle floral print monogram gold.

    Green. The symbol of naturalness and unity with nature. Green bathroom that energizes in the morning and relax after a hard day.

    Green bathroom will give you energy in the morning

    Yellow. Bright, juicy, Sunny Wallpaper will give the room a cheerful atmosphere of positive energy which is enough to the day to be in a good mood.

    Red. The color of kings. Complex spectrum, which is better in combinations. In large quantities can irritate and sometimes to adjust to the aggression, but in the right combinations it is safe. Most often red Wallpaper trimmed klassicheski found in bathrooms, where it is necessary to emphasize the pomp and luxury environment.

    Red Wallpaper will fit to interior in a classical style

    Orange. This background will also spur the nervous system, so paint will have to combine with more delicate and calm shades.

    A good combination of colors will make the interior a deep and multi-layered. Just black plumbing is boring, but it is worth it to frame the green and orange background as it will sparkle agate luster. Photo good design combined Wallpaper you can see on the Internet.

    Always gorgeous to look the eternal contrast of light and dark. Leave the dark panel in the lower part of the wall and declate bright Wallpaper in the top. A good combination of grey with greens, so if you see a Wallpaper where among the rocks winds ivy or other interpretations of vegetation, feel free to buy them.

    A striking combination of dark wall panels and light Wallpaper

    Bright Wallpaper in the bathroom can be contrasted with a dark floor finish. It looks very impressive, but the dark floor in the bathroom will require a more careful maintenance. If you decide to use for decoration calm tones Wallpaper, pick them in a set of bright accessories.

    Want to give the room originality, focus not only on the color combinations and the play of shadows. Organize Cenis niche and make adequate illumination. Install glass shelves and arrange them all kinds of bubbles. Great idea to put the aquarium.

    Contrasting combination of dark floor and light Wallpaper

    Often in the bathroom used a combination of Wallpaper and other finishing materials. The first can be a Supplement to tile a variety of wall panels, including painted walls.

    The options for combining Wallpaper

    A combination of several colors are used when you want to visually adjust the space. Photo finish bathroom Wallpaper demonstrate how the such decisions. In combination can be as simple plain Wallpaper, and the 3d options or print views.

    The combination of different colors Wallpaper

    Mix tile

    To combine the Wallpaper and tiles in several ways. In the first case, the tile serves as a bar, the second vertical panel, the third Wallpaper are decorative panels on a tiled surface, or Vice versa. The same principle can be combined with Wallpaper wall panels.

    The combination of Wallpaper and tiles

    The combination of paint

    Today is not too common, however, to meet him in home interiors is still possible. Paint finished with the lower part of the walls, to protect them from getting wet. How high to raise the bar – help yourself. Usually it reaches half of the wall, although it is possible to do the above. The surface of the paint with the Wallpaper is made moldings. Might look like room combo Wallpaper, see photo.

    This combination of materials the lower part of the walls are protected from moisture

    Wallpaper design stylish bathroom
    Classic style

    To emphasize the distinctive aristocratic style of luxury can coils with a beautiful embossed pattern simulating the structure of silk or marble. Their background will play perfectly streamlined forms expensive plumbing may stylized bronze or gold. The font should be put on the legs. It will add a chic setting. The presence of appliances in that the interior should be unnoticed, so it should be hidden behind decorative panels. Total immersion in the atmosphere of the past will contribute to specific accessories, in the form of unusual wrought-iron lamps and ornate chandeliers.

    The Wallpaper in the bathroom interior in classic style

    Marine style

    There are involved a symbiosis of white and blue colors. However, in contrast to the combined design Wallpaper for living room, Wallpaper in the bathroom is specifically shown affection to the marine theme. In favor coils with the image of marine life, ships, beach landscapes, and panoramic paintings can be finished as all surfaces, and to combine with other finishes, leaving them only to accent the wall.

    Decorated in Maritime style, the room will be able to give real relaxation. Taking in such an environment the bath you will forget about fatigue and will get rid of emotional stress.

    Wallpaper for bathroom is decorated in a nautical style

    Of additional accessories in interior design can be used compositions of the shells mirror framed wheel, a real ship’s bell, fluffy, mimicking the sand mats. From such a bath does not really want to leave, so at risk of getting stuck in it for hours.

    Oriental style

    This bathroom – the realm of the rich and vibrant colors. The walls here can decorate gold Wallpaper, theme ornaments and figures in the Oriental style. In the East the situation simply begging bowls for aromatherapy, stained glass and mosaic.

    Japanese style

    A wonderful solution for the bathroom. For the realization of this idea need a sticky in the bathroom Wallpaper in soft beige or coffee color, you can even without a pattern and standard hieroglyphic prints. In this case it would be correct to do accent wall mural depicting cherry blossoms and bamboo.

    The ubiquitous country

    The liveliness and naturalness of this style rolls, so he always has a lot of fans. To put it will help of natural colour, so when selecting the Wallpaper, prefer brown and green spectrum. You can decorate the walls with wood or masonry. Wallpapers with such drawings are not in short supply. The interior of the country appropriate vintage plumbing. Elements can become towels with rustic patterns, woven baskets.

    Clearance Wallpaper bath country style


    Elegantly eccentric style is easy to recreate. You need to play on contrasts. However, the contrast should not be in the background. Wall better to arrange the light-colored plain Wallpaper, but the furniture take in contrasting colours. The bathroom design the actual sleek lines. As decor can be green, reminiscent of grass, mats and lamps in the form of trees.

    Contrast interior bathroom in modern style


    The patrimony of floral prints and warm colors. In addition to these Wallpapers take lamps antique and vintage plumbing. Shelves tanavakivide gingham curtains. If sufficient lighting is encouraged landscaping. Preferably, rustic bathroom had a window. He is considered the hallmark of the interior. The alternative will be the photo with backlight.


    To implement this style the perfect covering. They can be present in the most fantastic colors. A classic of the genre offers a combination of several shades of grey, splitting them alive lines of natural green tones.

    Photo Wallpapers in the interior of a bathroom in the style of hi-tech


    Industrial interior requires a naked brick, rocks, bare of plaster. All this can also be found in the decoration of Wallpaper. The style looks good in large bathrooms, where the font can be put in the centre and add in custom furniture and accessories.

    Shabby chic

    A vivid example of the contrasting combination of textured materials in the finishing bath. That combined with the Wallpaper in the bathroom, you can see in the photo. Partners of Wallpapers with a Botanical print or a graphic pattern be wood panels, plaster, glossy tile. The latter are used in the wet areas.

    Floors also stylize under a tree, preferably with signs of long use. The quality of the furniture used hand-woven baskets, old wooden suitcases, the same worn attic ladder. Add comfort called the Ottomans, or even a rocking chair, of course, if you allow the area.

    Wallpaper with floral print in the style of shebbi-chic

    Please note that the style is like a sophisticated pastels. Excellent background solution would be to Wallpaper the colors of dusty rose, powdery shades, raspalennoe mint. Of the drawings preferably, the image of roses, thickly scattered on a light background.


    Finish Wallpaper the bathroom is really practical. Wallpapers give a unique chance to make the interior of a bathroom is unique and attractive, tuning in a positive way, so to abandon this amazing, available in all respects the design decisions are clearly not worth it.

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