Where suitable Wallpaper with a floral print

In interior design almost always be new developments and trends, but the floral motifs still does not cease to enjoy high popularity. Even in a small shop of finishing materials, selection of Wallpaper with a floral print is so great that to make the right choice very difficult. In this case it is important to understand what effect you expect to achieve.

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  • Important rules for the use of

  • When the shades too much

  • Instructions for use of the flowered Wallpaper in the interior

  • Value and style colors

  • The design of the walls

  • Choose a style of flower Wallpaper

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Important rules for the use of

If you want to achieve a harmonious interior, with its design should take into account some rules.

  • The size of the pattern is chosen depending on the area of the room. If in a small room you can use Wallpaper with very large flowers, it would be totally inappropriate, much better to choose smaller flowers.

For small spaces is relevant with small flowers print

  • It is important to maintain a balance between the simple things in the room and accent. In that case, if you choose Wallpaper with floral pattern of eye-catching colors, the rest of the interior details should be designed in a calm colour, not drawing attention to himself. In that case, if the accent you choose some bright accessories, textiles or even original and colourful furnishings, the Wallpapers are chosen more neutral.

Floral Wallpaper accent in the role

  • Consider the overall style of the interior. If you are closer is a modern style that manifested itself in furniture and decor, you can choose the Wallpaper with bright and large floral print. For the country style are more suitable for small prints on a light background.
  • Observe the color balance not only in the interior but also on the Wallpaper. It is important for you to learn to feel the distinction between a striking and attractive combination and a complete lack of taste.

Floral Wallpaper in a modern interior

Feel free to combine floral prints with other finishing materials. For example, one wall can be papered with large and bright floral pattern, while the rest will be painted in a single tone, or for them to be used decorative plaster or wall finish with laminate etc. If for the other walls you can also pick the Wallpaper, the pattern on them should not be in imbalance with floral motifs.

Due to the huge variety of cloths, can be zoned premises, allocate some space, to effectively make a niche, to lighten some areas and much more. Paintings with landscapes can replace the Wallpaper with a small floral fragments, they emphasize the stylistic integrity of the room.

So, to summarize, we can note the following:

  • In the case of the use of bright pattern selected the furniture more calm and neutral shades.
  • If the room is small, then the print must also be small. If a large – allowed the larger picture.
  • For the rustic style, choose Wallpaper with a small and bright floral pattern. For modern three-dimensional and vivid prints.
  • Choosing floral Wallpaper in the interior, first of all, consider the area of the premises, the degree of natural and quantity of artificial lighting, finish of the remaining surfaces, the style of the room and used furniture.
  • If you use the canvas bright colors with a small-sized flower arrangements, on the General background they will be able to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, but at the same time, they will enliven the space.

For bold print on selected furniture in neutral shades

When the shades too much

Often it also happens that floral Wallpaper in the interior used several colors. Then, not to get some bad taste, it is important to learn how to work with any palette of colors. Even if quite a few bright accents, you will still be able to strike a balance.

To remember all the rules combinations is extremely difficult, especially for the average person. To simplify the task, a special palette combining shades that can be purchased at almost any hardware store. Thanks to a selection of combinations of shades, you can create a harmonious and comfortable for the perception of the interior.

Palette combining shades you can buy at the hardware store

Instructions for use of the flowered Wallpaper in the interior

First and foremost, is balance and simplicity. The use of print in vibrant colours will give the room a special edge, but it is important to observe the distinction, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect. It is important to consider the following rule: if the Wallpaper uses a print with a very bright and lush colors, then match the furniture should be in a calm and neutral shades, the most simple forms without excessive decoration and embellishment.

For country style or English style can be used in the interior of several elements with flowers. However, these two styles are the exceptions, for all others you should use only the floral print on the walls and a solid surface – in this case, you will get the ideal.

Do not forget about the balance of sizes. If the room is small, and the print on the walls should also be small. In that case, if you still want to see your room larger flowers, but changing its size is impossible, for such floral Wallpaper choose one or two walls. If your room has impressive size, and size colors can be anything.

For large prints, choose one or two walls

Walls with large pictures visually as it is always close to us, because the room looks smaller than it is. If the room with a small area, too large flowers will be just to much give on the psyche, to cause irritation.

The right combination of drawings and other shades. If you choose floral Wallpaper only one wall, the other walls are chosen tonal hues, and such, which would repeat exactly the colors, but not their surrounding background. In other words, if blue cornflowers located on a white background, the rest of the wall needs to have Wallpaper or painted in Indigo blue. It is also possible to use for the other walls in neutral shades – grey, cream, white, etc.

The walls should harmonize with the color of the Wallpaper

Quite impressive it will look in the interior the combination of floral Wallpaper with a striped finish or cage. Strict geometric patterns perfectly smooth and rounded flowing floral lines.

Value and style colors

“A wonderful option for floral Wallpaper in the bedroom interior will be white or pink peonies: they will create a light and relaxed setting with a certain degree of romanticism”

Rules of floristry are used not only in bouquets. Each plant has its own unique energy, and it is taken into account in the preparation of the project design. Some flowers can cause a person a sense of oppression and discomfort, while others will give even the most nondescript room a special cosiness and comfort.

Often used the science of Feng Shui. It allows you to make the living space so that each owner can feel safe and peaceful. Modern designers also often use this science in their works, perhaps with some personal additions.


These flowers are considered to be selfish, their powerful energy just does not tolerate any other rivals, including in the interior. Room with red roses will look very flashy, elegant and even provocatively beautiful. If you use white flowers, they will provide more relaxing effects, they choose gentle nature. This print can be used for a child’s room or bedroom, ideally combining a background in pastel shades, too bright colors may just ruin the atmosphere.

Floral Wallpaper in the interior looks defiantly beautiful

But for the interior with elements of nobility and luxury perfect pink roses, and even better buds. Such floral Wallpaper for walls represent honor, nobility, purity and courage.


In China, the bouquets of peonies was a mandatory attribute for the most wealthy of houses, as these colors are considered truly Royal, and therefore treated him with special reverence and respect. There are many shades of peonies to choose them for your home should be depending on the desired effect and space.

Peonies will create a light and relaxed setting

A wonderful option for floral Wallpaper in the bedroom interior will be white or pink peonies: they will create a light and relaxed setting with a certain degree of romanticism. But the yellow or purple peonies, preferably very small dimensions, is able to revive the situation in the hallway or in the kitchen. In any environment the lush peonies will definitely attract the sight, because they will be the perfect accent for any decor.

Red poppies

Lush buds of the red color with the black middle is a symbol of peace and tranquility. Now poppies are grown mainly as decoration, because the background of other colors they differ. In Eastern culture, the poppy is a symbol of a close relationship, of love. Flowers has an incredibly powerful energy, a Wallpaper with bright décor will allow to accentuate the decor. It is best if they are papered only one wall, otherwise, instead of a sedative effect, you can get the effect of irritation.

Bright poppies will highlight the decor

Look particularly impressive flowers in full growth of the person, but in some cases it is acceptable to use print with numerous small flowers. To place a Wallpaper with a floral pattern better from the side or behind the head, otherwise the eyes will ruffle.

Other plants

There are a myriad of different colors, because everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable option that would suit him best.

Bright and juicy sunflowers symbolize the beauty, warmth and youth with her usual easy audacity. Sunflowers are often associated with rural house, therefore perfectly suitable for rooms in the style of French Provence.

Bright and juicy floral Wallpaper with sunflowers

Lilies are quite versatile and suitable for almost any premises. This water flower primarily symbolizes purity, and is therefore ideal for bathrooms.

Tulips remind bright arrows, looking skyward. As seen in the photo, the floral Wallpaper in the interior would be a great option for rooms with low ceilings.

Wallpaper with tulips visually increase the ceiling height

Wildflowers like daisies, except that painted in the colors of the rainbow. This option is a great choice for contemporary interior, monochromatic backgrounds these flowers perfectly set off, a feeling of something particularly interesting, original, but at the same time and easy.

Lavender even on a subconscious level all at once, French is associated with the boundless fields. This print is in harmony with rather old furniture, where sometimes there is a paint chip. It is best to choose furniture with bright colors, combined with bright colors on the Wallpaper, this interior will look and romantic and very fresh.

Wallpaper lavender look very fresh

The Lotus is often chosen for rooms with a calm and simple interior, straight and geometric lines.

In the world of the flora of the very many options you can choose for your home and more exotic plants, they find their admirers no less more familiar garden and field flowers.

Flowers in bouquets

It is not necessary to select the Wallpaper with just any one type of flowers, not less interesting are the bouquets of different plants. However, in this case, it is even more important to consider in detail the design space, the combination of materials used.

Interesting look at the interior of bouquets of different flowers

As for the bouquets, so here can perfectly blend stylish roses with daisies or forget-me-nots. These bouquets can be very diverse, and thus become a bright accent the room, and the more restrained, thus setting off the used furniture is more bright shades and motifs.

The design of the walls

To choose the interior finishes for each room to be separate. Allowed such an option, when all areas in the house will have its own style, so, the use of floral prints can be made different. They will be different sizes, shades, texture and of course, their energy. Depending on this, will form the atmosphere of the room. Do not forget and about its direct functional purpose.

Bedroom with floral Wallpaper

For this room, you can use one of several design options, it will depend on your personal preferences and the room size and the degree of lighting.

A relaxing atmosphere is able to create a barely noticeable floral motifs on a light background, you can use these Wallpapers for all walls. Try to use pastel colors. At the same time, if the room is not enough comfort and warmth, you can do it by using orange, yellow, pink and other warm shades.

Floral motifs on a light background creating a relaxing atmosphere

The bedroom floral Wallpaper with large print will make the room visually more comfortable. But to use the large print should be particularly dosed as an accent.

Feel free to combine floral prints with coordinating Wallpapers or themes that will not create an imbalance with floral theme.

It is not necessary to overload the interior too bright colors, but do not forget that the bedroom should not look too dull, because here you meet your each new day. You can use bright Wallpaper behind the headboard of your bed.

Mix and match floral prints with coordinating Wallpapers

Floral print in fabric Wallpapers can be duplicated and used on the decoration, it can be textiles, and accessories. For example, if you have remnants of Wallpaper with flowers, you can match them to frame and hang on a solid wall.

Room and living room

Floral prints are ideal for those rooms where you welcome guests, spend time with my family. Moreover, they are able to present the room with the highest winning hand. In the design of the hall or living room, in fact, there are no strict rules for the use of shades, floral paintings able in any case to unfold perfectly.

Floral Wallpaper in the living room

You can create emphasis on any one area by highlighting it with the help of expressive Wallpaper with a matching print. Consider and General rules for selection of color and pattern to areas depending on their size and purpose. If you want to select a wall to view your guests passed on it, it is enough to use Wallpaper with large flowers, while all other elements are not so clearly draw attention to themselves.

To highlight a wall, use Wallpaper with large flowers


The kitchen also floral Wallpaper will look very harmonious. In this room, although they are very relevant, you should not forget about caution when selecting. Be sure to carefully consider color choice, which will act as the primary. The background colors should be quite light, and for kitchens it’s a winning option and not as easily soiled as dark and rich shades.

  • warm shades will emphasize more the solar atmosphere and interior in the style of Provence, country this is especially advantageous option;
  • for the cooking area suitable monochrome Wallpaper, valid, and bright floral accents, but in this case they should be repeated again in the design of the dining area.

Floral Wallpaper in the kitchen


“For recreation, choose a Wallpaper with a light and delicate floral prints that will act as a sedative”

Do not think that floral designs can be relevant only for girl’s rooms: it is enough to choose the right background and colors as the room boy will be no less interesting. In the design of flower patterns is able to create a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Wallpaper with floral ornament are able to create a creative atmosphere

For a play area can be used more bright colors. The child, in turn, will feel especially comfortable here, because it will occur Association with the sunshine. But for the rest areas choose a Wallpaper with a light and delicate floral prints that will act as a sedative. If you choose intricate floral patterns, the child will consider them before going to sleep.

For play areas use bright colors

Try to choose pictures of small dimensions, they can set a relaxing stay.

Entrance hall

For hallway design use floral patterns also opens up very wide possibilities. You can choose for this room almost any designs, shades, but the main burden will fall on the background Wallpaper. If the hallway is small, it is more appropriate for it will be pastel colors. Large flowers can be used only in case of presence of very good lighting, also it is not necessary to make a wall furniture.

For a small hallway suitable pastel colors

Choose a style of flower Wallpaper

In fact, floral patterns go well with almost all styles of interior, except the loft, delicate flowers and the rough, industrial surface this is too much.

For desktop interior Wallpaper with floral pattern are very popular, and is better to choose small patterns. In the case shabby chic rose neutral shades will be one of the best options.

The classic floral Wallpaper in the interior

Modern interiors with floral motifs look very original, but consider the fact that wildflowers are difficult to get along with neighboring TV-plasma and other modern appliances. Much preferable to opt for orchids.

Monochrome flower Wallpaper for interior in the style of minimalism

For minimalist style, it is better to use a simple combination of colors and shades, it can be black-and-white palette.


Among the many finishing materials floral Wallpaper for walls are among the most popular, and they do not hand over their positions for several decades. The modern market offers a huge variety of options, including additional effects that would be an excellent choice for your interior.

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