White doors in the interior: types, design, fittings, combined with wall color, floor

White doors in the interior are a very important decision, which turns out not only to complement the room’s design and place it in certain accents, but also visually expand the space, giving it light and airy.

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  • Features white
  • The pros and cons
  • Types of doors
  • Door material
  • Color combination with white
  • The design of the doors
  • The decor and fittings
  • What wall color to choose under the door?
  • The floor color for white doors
  • The color of the baseboards
  • Ideas combinations with furniture
  • Photos in the interior of the apartment
  • Examples in different styles
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    Features white

    Several major nuances:

    • This color allows you to visually expand the space and push its boundaries, which is especially good for small rooms.
    • White shade makes the design much more concise and creates a harmonious and balanced interior composition.
    • Has a huge amount of shades that easily allows you to combine it with a variety of colors.

    The pros and cons

    The advantages and disadvantages of white door panels.


    Allow you to create the illusion of more space and give the room lightness.

    Are not very practical solution that requires constant care.

    Reflect the luminous flux, whereby the room becomes much brighter.

    The room with such a design, may be too sterile and boring.

    Fabrics of this neutral color perfect harmony and combines with any color.

    When using this shade in too large quantities, the room may feel discomfort and neuyutnosti.

    The white structures are deeper and more expressive appearance.


    Types of doors

    There are two main types.


    At engineering solutions and white paintings are divided into several varieties:

    • Louvred.
    • Hidden.
    • Door-coupe.
    • Foldable.
    • Double.
    • Framed.
    • Hinged.
    • Torgovye.

    Depending on the appearance and type of construction, linen blend harmoniously into the doorway and thus provide a convenient operation and give the interior of originality.


    Are both important exterior and interior elements. The input model should be not only stylish and original, but first and foremost very durable and reliable, and provide a protective function.

    In the photo a small hallway in Scandinavian style with a front door in white.

    Door material

    For the manufacture of white door designs, the most commonly used the following materials:

    • Wood.
    • Metal (steel).
    • Plastic.

    Literate and thoughtful selection of material, taking into account taste preferences, operating characteristics and financial factor will meet the expectations and provide maximum service life paintings.

    Color combination with white

    The white color helps to reveal other shades or getting them a great addition. For example, combination with gold or with silver door will give the product even more lightness, airiness and natural luxury, giving the original interior accents and making it truly elegant and chic.

    The design of the doors

    Using various design can transform a white door leaf into a real art object.

    With inserts

    Design and decorate two panels:

    • Mirror. Normal, tinted or patterned mirror insert, visually enlarge the area and make it aesthetically more attractive.
    • Glass. Such panels lend more lightness and airiness, due to which door design to avoid burdening the space and bring the room more light.

    Photo white sliding door with transparent glass panels in the interior bedroom.

    Functional and aesthetic white doors with panels can not only provide the zoning and the isolation premises, but also to become a full-fledged element of decor, keeping the selected style.

    Under the tree

    Elite white door designs wood, giving the interior a special raciness and elegance. Such an independent decorative element will perfectly complement any style decision.

    With patina

    These paintings look especially unique. By removing the upper layers, the natural structure of the wood becomes more pronounced and becomes a contrasting picture.


    The gloss not only adds to the product a reflective effect, but also further emphasizes its lightness. White lacquer model make the atmosphere attractive beautiful and refined.


    Have a matte, smooth and slightly rough surface, such concise products can be deaf or to have insertion of different glass.

    Tall doors

    Original, elegant and solemn tall doors allow you to move away from the stereotypes and create a custom and personalized design. In the clear, they give the room scale, depth and some enfilades.


    Represent a real antique, with exclusive and luxurious appearance. Antique designs are an indicator of refined taste, elegance and cost.

    Photo antique white doors in the interior of the kitchen in the loft.


    Using different patterns, you can turn a white canvas into a unique design product with a strong decorative function. Such products are considered to be an artistic object that attracts attention.


    Placed inside or outside layout may be a different geometric or figural patterns. English lattice performs not only a decorative function, but also allows strengthened glass in the large doors.


    These structures, due to its type of opening is ideal even for small spaces, barn designs, undoubtedly become a key decorative accent that holds the entire interior.

    The decor and fittings

    Varieties of decor and accessories for white cloths.

    Gold pens

    Golden hue has a noble, slightly muted sheen that adds any room a touch of heat.

    Black handles

    Are the epitome of style and combined with classic white door, create a truly harmonious composition.


    With such a special frame as the cashing, it turns out to give door designs integrity and organic nature. Black, brown, beige, or other bright and colorful frames, are a win-win option for processing the white paintings.

    Photo bathroom interior with a white door, framed with trim black.

    What wall color to choose under the door?

    The combination of the color palette of the doors with walls lined with Wallpaper, plaster, tile or other finishing materials may be as contrasting as well as monochromatic or monochrome.


    Due to this effect mergers, it turns out to mask door design and give the room a very spacious and virtually limitless.


    This color tandem will be a great solution for those who want to get a not too bright, but at the same time to dilute and freshen up a little austere interior.


    Is a fairly common Alliance, which is especially suitable for small rooms with deficiency of natural light.


    Elegant and discreet tandem, where both shade and create contrast, but only favorably emphasize and mute each other.


    The classic combination of pure, incredibly simple white color with natural brown or chocolate hue, forms an original and charming design.

    Photo bathroom with white door combined with wooden wall decoration brown color.

    The floor color for white doors

    Correctly matched color combination of flooring, laminate, parquet, tiles, carpet or other finish with a white door models, will allow us to change the perception of the interior.


    Traditional, classic and delicate combination, which is the most common solution to the harmonization of the whole space.


    The most simple, but at the same time very stylish versatile colour scheme. With this tint of the Union turns out to give the interior a fashionable and modern look.


    Concise combination of gray and white will be the perfect option for lovers of strict design and order.

    In the photo the white door combined with gray floor tiles in the interior hallway.


    This combination looks great. White dilutes a little darker brown, adding to it light and fresh.

    The color of the baseboards

    Due to the white floor, you can give the door design is a kind of solidity, lightness and depth, with dark, highlight it and make the accent detail of the interior.

    Ideas combinations with furniture

    Color match of furniture and doors, affect the overall interior concept and the harmony of the whole design. Good enough is the choice of fabric in the color of the furniture, however, it is desirable to match each other, not only in tone but also in style and pattern solution.

    Photos in the interior of the apartment

    Options for the design of different rooms.

    Entrance hall and corridor

    Modern and versatile doors to the white shade will make the design of the hallway a more complete and holistic, and will be a perfect solution especially for narrow corridors.

    Bathroom and toilet

    Matte, glossy model, in combination with glass, steel, bronze and gilded furniture or items with an unusual texture that will help to dilute bathroom design and give it a singularity.


    Interior doors from kipelno-white to dirty-gray tones, fabric colors ivory, products made of wood and MDF or model, decorated with frosted or stained glass, of course be a decorative part of the whole kitchen space.

    Living room

    For the living room is perfect models decorated with patterns, carvings or drawings related to furniture items and textiles, hinged leaf, complemented by glass panels, elements of metal and plastic, as well as doors, with gold plated or chrome hardware, selected in accordance stylistic decision room.


    Smooth design in the form of single, double or sliding models made of wood and MDF or decorated with glass, especially harmoniously fit into the interior of the bedroom.

    Photo bedroom interior with white single door of wood.

    Dressing room

    There will be appropriate use of practical and comfortable wooden, plastic or made of MDF and chipboard, door coupe, models such as the accordion, foldable, slatted design, characterized by light weight or products with mirror inserts.

    Examples in different styles

    White doors blend harmoniously into any style direction. Below are the most popular ones.


    Door leaf white, creamy, milky color or model of the shade ivory is perfect for a relaxing and lush classic design. Design, decorated with carvings, moldings, moldings and gold hardware will bring into the room even more chic, wealth and aristocracy.


    For this style, involving the strict geometry and clean lines are appropriate smooth matte or glossy model, without superfluous decorations. Accessories should be a door handle of simple shapes in bronze, black, chrome or coffee shades.


    Scandium-the interior especially loves the white color, the simplicity and clean lines. Concise, natural and genuine products of painted wood without the extra decorative design and too flashy accessories will be a key element of the Nordic style.

    Photo white folding doors with glass inserts to the living room in a Scandinavian style.


    For Provence, combining French luxury and rustic simplicity, are appropriate doors are decorated with inlays of glass, artificially aged products, construction, decorated with carved ornaments, patterns, Botanical prints, painted canvases or models in the technique of decoupage.

    Photo living room in the Provence style and white interior glazed doors layout.


    Sliding, single or double sash natural wooden white doors with elements of forging or design with original metal or brass handles, will be a great addition to a rustic design.


    Here will look great simple, concise model with decorative inserts tinted or matte glass, products with the effect of artificial aging, matirovanie and Brusilovsky. Reliable, durable, canvas loft-style should have a high tech and a bit of vintage look that especially matches the style.

    The photo of the wooden barn doors with white color in the interior living room in loft style.


    For a simple and ascetic minimalism the perfect solution is a white or mother-of-pearl fabric, decorated with simple furniture and with white baseboards. This design is seamlessly integrated into the interior and will look very advantageous.


    White glossy or matte construction with metal, glass or chrome elements, harmoniously merge with the other achromatic colors that are present in a futuristic design.


    Hinged model with a strict symmetrical design, made of expensive wood species, fabric, complemented with carved and gilded details or glazed models will be an integral part of the neoclassical interior.

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